How to remember your dreams | Amr Ezzat


The book is a sharp and creative reflection on the interweaving of personal and national/ideological dreams. The chapters are on facts and fictions created in both, how one retraces one’s way through them, and through the numerous philosophers/thinkers/ideas (from Sartre to Zizek, Abdel-Nasser to Ibn Taymiya and others) that appear and shape his life journey, studies and dreams.

Text by Amr Ezzat, translated by Jennifer Peterson
Published by Kayfa-ta, 2019
Design by Julie Peeters
Cover illustration by Hany Rashed

80 pages
95 x 150 mm
ISBN 978-1-955702-04-1 (English)
ISBN 978-1-955702-05-8 (Arabic)