How to love a homeland | Oxana Timofeeva


Russian writer and philosopher Oxana Timofeeva was born and grew up in various parts of the USSR. The book explores the difficulty of reducing one’s sense of homeland to one’s country alone, the philosophical interconnectedness of movement and rootedness, our plant and animal souls, and how we need to reimagine our desired, fictional if need be, homelands. The book interweaves vignettes from Timofeeva’s childhood across different parts of the USSR with a philosophical discussion of ideas on homeland in the thought of Brecht, Deleuze and Guattari, and other main figures of literature and philosophy.

Text by Oxana Timofeeva, translated by Maria Afanasyeva
Published by Kayfa-ta, 2021
Design by Julie Peeters
Cover illustration by Jumana Emil Abboud

94 pages
95 x 150 mm
ISBN 978-1-955702-02-7 (English)
ISBN 978-1-955702-03-4 (Arabic)