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Love Letters

With Gail Barclay, Seinileva Huakau, Sharon Johnston, Hilin & Heifa Kazemi, Merle Ketley, Floura Khosh Kish, Rachel Koster, Ginette Morato, Kiri Morcombe, Sandy Newton, Marina Robins, Lesley-Anne Sapsford, Helen Webb and Susan Ling Young
Curated by Liam Benson, Seinileva Huakau, Kiri Morcombe and Marina Robins

“Life’s tough, and it does get lonely sometimes. Having someone to talk to is so valuable. When people were in a dark place, they could anticipate and come home to a handmade gift. The beauty of each letter is that you get to sit with it. Unlike a text message, you see the intent through the way people phrase things and their physical handwriting. You’re holding someone’s thoughts in your hands.” - Seinileva Huakau

Love Letters is an exhibition of collaborative work developed through a letter exchange project that has connected artists living in regional QLD, and both regional and metropolitan NSW. Collaborating through letters was a response to border closures, social isolation and the loneliness experienced during Covid restrictions.

Each letter, handwritten and crafted by the artists, is an intimate artwork. The exchange embraced old fashioned ways of connecting, highlighting their timelessness, significance and purpose. Through the letters, each artist shared experiences, stories and creative processes, informing the creation of this collaborative, multisensory exhibition.

Roomsheet (pdf)
Images by Document Photography
Love Letters video artwork and letters by all artists is powered by Lūpa Media Player. More information at