With Jesse Anderson, Linda Brescia, Ena Grozdanić, Sasha Hunt, Henry R A Lumba, Amy Claire Mills, Meadowbrook Ow, Olga Svyatova and Cristea Zhao
Curated by Amy Toma and Rebecca Gallo

The artists in Solo think, play with and share what it means to go it alone. How can an artist working alone in a studio build community? How do you respond when you lose someone to a breakup, or to death? What experiences make us feel isolated, and how can we find ways to move through them in ways that feel bearable, or generative?

Artists are unusually well placed to work through these ideas. Developing a creative practice often means lots of solo time, but most do what they do to communicate and connect. The works in this exhibition show how loss of connection, feedback and intimacy can be devastating for some, but for others, the space and time can be quietly relieving, or maybe even revelatory.

Roomsheet (pdf)
Images by Document Photography
Henry R A Lumba’s Hanya Aku Yang Hilang di Kota?, Ena Grozdanic’s mo(u)rning rituals, Cristea Nian Zhao’s Next Travel will be to see you Again, and Meadowbrook Ow’s Aero are powered by Lūpa Media Player. More information at