Slow Passages

With Thomas Enriquez, Ilana Lapid, Grace Liu, Helen Ann Morgan, Adrian Mouhajer, Nolan Ho Wung Murphy, Wasielah Noorjamsi, Miski Omar, Jessica Kejun Xu and Estelle Yoon
Curated by Rainer Ciar, Naomi Segal and Brenton Smith

With every touch, our lives gradually take shape and form patterns. While childhood is understood as our most formative and impressionable phase, we also never stop changing. What if every moment can occasion growth and transformation?

Slow Passages navigates the ongoing transitions of life. The exhibition retreads old paths: past selves, core memories, forgotten dreams, beloved ancestors and communities. Simultaneously it embraces wandering tangents of imagination, play and healing. The artworks reveal that aging is not just a function of time; it can also be an active effort, hard and painful.

Journeying through constant cycles of living, growing, dying and reincarnating, Slow Passages is an offering of rest stops, detours and directions.

Roomsheet (pdf)
Images by Document Photography