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With Maissa Alameddine, Mika Benesh, Jannawi Dance Clan, Edwina Green, NC Qin, Nadia Refaei, Monica Rudhar and Talia Smith
Curated by Brenton Alexander Smith, Amy Toma and Talitha Hanna

The unseen ties that bind, roots are complex networks that provide sustenance, foster connection, and encourage resilience. A group of trees may be perceived as separate beings, but beyond the visible is a system of interrelatedness. Tenacious and steadying, roots provide a staunch foundation allowing one to weather the storm.

The artists in Roots contemplate ritual and reclamation. Ritualistic artmaking practices act as a way of grounding oneself and connecting with lineage and identity. Knowledges and values thought to be lost, forgotten or submerged beneath the surface are brought to light. Imbued with memory, emotion, nostalgia and care, the works in Roots act as a testament to survival and the strength we draw from community.

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Images by Document Photography
Jannawi Dance Clan’s Korrobori Ancestral Spirit (Women), Maissa Alameddine’s Act I: Burden and Nadia Refaei’s Make Kabsah with Me are powered by Lūpa Media Players. More information at