With Dana Albattrawi, Jasmine Craciun, Lourdes David, Tom Isaacs, Vishal Kumaraswamy, Jacqueline Olivetti, Chatchakonrak Promchan, Sehej Kaur Sehmbhi and Ming-yueh Tsai
Curated by Emma Cao, Emma Harbridge and Tian Zhang

To remedy means to heal, to cure, to mend, to make good or repair. Remedies draw on the wisdom of generations, of innumerous makeshift solutions for survival. As intimate recipes and rituals that emerge from crisis, remedies can be both process and tonic. Remedies take time; they are promises of repair that require trust in the deep and cyclical motions of healing. Even if not fully effective or resulting in what we might hope for, like seeds, they can activate growth and change in the face of despair.

As commitments to healing and acts of resistance, the artists in this exhibition attempt to remedy broken systems, bodies, spirits, relationships and timelines. While each responds to particular contexts, stitched together they offer medicines for collective struggle and liberation.

Roomsheet (pdf)
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