Open World

With Nick Aloisio-Shearer, Rainer Ciar, Emma Harbridge, Merhdad Mehraeen, Yanti Peng, Audrey Pfister, Emma Uyen Le Pham, Emma Varker, Tanushri Saha and Donnalyn Xu and Sophie Xiao Yue Zhou
Curated by Kalanjay Dhir, Brenton Alexander Smith and Joel Spring

An “Open World” can refer to any type of virtual or fictional environment allowing for freedom and exploration, shepherded by but not limited to video games. The worlds we create, change, and nurture together can provide necessary escape from ‘reality’ while also allowing the space to construct and simulate images of better futures. World building is essential to the production of convincing narratives, virtual or otherwise.

The unintended consequence of authorship of media and copyright is that the entire history of the 20th century, all its storytelling and characters are owned by corporate interests. Largely people have no agency in the way stories and narratives they might identify with get told or used.

The only solution is to make your own…

Walkthrough (pdf)
Images by Document Photography
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