Mixed Business 2

With Duha Ali and Justine Youssef, Brenton Alexander Smith, Monisha Chippada, Suzanne Claridge, Hayley Coghlan, Kalanjay Dhir, Rebecca Gallo, Fei Gao, Talitha Hanna, Samuel Kirby, Namika Parajuli, EJ Son, Charlie Sundborn and Marcus Whale, Dorcas Tang, Nathan Wratten, Josephine Wyburn and Tian Zhang
Curated by Amy Toma, Josephine Wyburn and Suzanne Claridge

Mixed Business may feel a little different this year. Last year, we gathered in 40 degree heat, our souls fed in this space through art, community, and, of course, good food. Over the course of the past year, our senses of time and place were discombobulated. The places where we gathered shifted as we re-adapted, and continue to adapt, to what will become a well-versed adage known as “unprecedented times.”

Mixed Business 2 is Pari’s second rendition of our annual show dedicated to our gallery keepers, facilitators, artists, and directors, who help run and sustain this space of multiplicity and exchange. Pari invokes the theme of the eclectic ‘mixed business’ as our mode of operation. Mixed businesses can be found scattered across Western Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. The corner-stores that seem at-once everywhere yet nowhere; either occupied and bustling, or abandoned and deteriorating. Those seemingly disparate yet familiar, accessible, and welcoming places that tend to our conveniences to serve our community.

Roomsheet (pdf)
Images by Document Photography
Monisha Chippada’s ilu, Charlie Sundborn and Marcus Whale’s Wasted Breath, Tian Zhang’s Future’s footnotes are powered by Lūpa Media Player. More information at lupaplayer.com