Mixed Business

With Akil Ahamat, Dylan Batty, Mackenzie Benato, Tom Blake, Suzanne Claridge, Hayley Coghlan, Jack De Lacy, Kalanjay Dhir, Heath Franco, Rebecca Gallo, Fei Gao, Victoria Hall, Talitha Hanna, Gianna Christella Hayes, Leon Kannangara, Shivanjani Lal, Mehmet Mevlütoğlu, Garden Reflexxx x Yousuf Khan Noor, Pat Dakhokhe Mikha, Nadia Odlum, Namika Parajuli, Ebony Sebcombe, Ricky Tana, Sasanki Tennakoon, Josephine Wyburn, Kai Wasikowksi, Jodie Whalen, Bryden Williams, Justine Youssef and Tian Zhang
Curated by Suzanne Claridge and Gianna Hayes

Not long ago, it seemed like mixed businesses were on almost every street corner in Parra. They’re still here, mostly in the surrounding suburbs: next to roundabouts, between apartment blocks and houses mid-renovation. Little family-run businesses stocking contradictory products side-by-side on rickety shelves. Some tins host dust and dead bugs; other shelves are perpetually empty, signalling what’s important to the 100 people in the immediate area.

Pari invokes the mixed business as a mode of operation, for multiplicity and exchange: a cornerstore(stone) for community and convenience.

Roomsheet (pdf)
Images by Document Photography
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