Mixed Business 4

With Sarah Anstee, Celine Cheung, Rainer Ciar, Kalanjay Dhir, Fei Gao, Gudskul, Amy Ge, Emoeba Hartbridge, Sehej Kaur Sehmbi, Brenton Smith, Noamy, Kenny Phan, Amy Wong, Salem Wicke, Nathan Wratten and Tian Zhang
Curated by Emma Cao, Emoeba Hartbridge, Emma Pham and Brenton Smith

Mixed Business celebrates the people who keep Pari running: our gallery keepers,
facilitators and directors. These days we’re thinking about how we might respond to
the chaos of the world. What has brought us here together and what does that mean to
us collectively? How can we protect ourselves and each other? We’ve formed calluses,
leaned on amuletic objects, shared space, food, energy to expand all possibilities. We
are determined to live, adapt and depend on each other in crisis.

Despite the uncertainty, like our daybed disappearing and the sticky surfaces we come
into contact with, we’ve all landed at Pari; where we have chosen to fall with openness
and vulnerability, to draw on collectivity to heal and grow resilient. May Pari continue
to anchor us to each other, through creative practice, friendships and community, as we
weather the storm together.

On the Final weekend of Mixed Business 4, NAVA joined Pari Co-directors Tian Zhang and Naomi Segal for an in-conversation chat on good practice frameworks for running and sustaining artist-run initiatives (ARIs).

Roomsheet (pdf)
Images by Document Photography
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