Mixed Business 3

With Amy Ge, Amy Wong, Bonnie Huang, Brenton Alexander Smith, Celine Cheung, Connor Xia, Dana Hubraq, Emma Cao, Emma Uyen le Phan, Kalanjay Dhir, Monisha Chippada, Naomi Segal, Nathan Wratten, Rainer Ciar, Rebecca Gallo, Samuel Kirby, Sehej Kaur Sehmbhi, Talitha Hanna, Tian Zhang, Victoria Hall and Zoe Xu
Curated by Celine Cheung, Victoria Hall and Zoe Xu

Mixed Business celebrates the people who keep Pari running: our gallery keepers, facilitators and directors. Community and relationships are everything, and we’re constantly figuring out what these things mean to us collectively. Right now, we’re thinking about being together, supporting each other and exchanging energy. About how to share space both online and IRL. About blurring the boundaries between Self and Other. About nurturing creative practice, openness and vulnerability. About connecting and exchanging through similarity and difference. About strengthening and drawing on collective memory to build resilience.

It’s been a rough couple of years, but being together, and being creative together, can be a force for recovery and revival.

Roomsheet (pdf)
Images by Document Photography
Kalanjay Dhir’s The Best I Can Do Is Redirect Energy, Tian Zhang’s A Manifesto for Radical Care or How to Be a Human in the Arts, Brenton Alexander Smith’s Ouroboros machine and Nathan Wratten’s procrastiNATION are powered by Lūpa Media Players. More information at lupaplayer.com