With Hersh Nat, James Nguyen, Kobla Photography, Amy Prcevich, Martyn Reyes, Jayanto Tan and Leanne Tobin
Curated by Kalanjay Dhir, Namika Parajuli, Amy Toma and Tian Zhang

Bitter and sweet, nostalgic and transformational, Lemonade is making the best of your circumstances; it is transforming adversity into something beautiful that can be savoured and shared. It is persistence, self-care, wry humour and generosity. This lemonade is not saccharine — there’s always that hint of acid, of something sharp and honed — but the edges are softened and warmed over time.

Lemonade is a bit old wisdom, a bit Beyoncé, and all fresh. The idea for the show emerged from Pari’s inaugural open call, bringing together common themes found within the proposals. Shorthand for the phrase ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ and a nod towards that iconic 2016 album, this exhibition focuses on the power of transcending circumstance and overcoming obstacles.

Roomsheet (pdf)
Images by Document Photography
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