With Celine Cheung, Iki Lofti, Meita Melita, Mei Lin Meyers, Karlina Mitchell, Kim Pham, Jeremy Plint, Spacefloss and Agus Wijaya
Curated by Rainer Ciar, Hayley Coghlan, Fei Gao and Hareen Johl

We depend on all kinds of kinships and lineages, intertwining and expanding far beyond the enclosure of the nuclear family. Lineages can grow tumultuous as bonds and attachments shift, disconnect and reconnect alongside land and time. Elders pass away and become ancestors to be remembered. The bonds of ritual and obligation can linger, and can tie us to our kin even when they fade from our lives.

In KIN, we explore all these quiet things said out loud — of buried histories, family dinners, of growing older and passing. In turning these hidden memories outwards, we can see the echoes of parents, ancestors, and loved ones imprinted onto us. We can untether from heteronormative expectations, reflect on the past, and move forward with warmth and care.

Kin/eat by Nic Narapiromkwan Foo (pdf)
Roomsheet (pdf)
Images by Document Photography
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