Jus Diddit

With 200BPM + is my Safe Space, Beverly Buttercup, Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Dyanne Douchecanoe, Joel Hernandez, Damian Marshall, Beatdisc Records, Sian Sandilands, Josh Vernon and Sydney Rave History
Curated by Carmen Mercedes Gago Schieb and Levent Can Kaya

Jus Diddit is a love letter to Western Sydney’s DIY cultural history. An ongoing expansive archival community collaboration concerned with memories, long lost venues, stories, and friendships of chance, Jus Diddit uplifts what has always made The Area special – community.

Curated by Levent Can Kaya and Carmen Mercedes Gago Schieb, Jus Diddit remembers backyard shows, underground raves, ARI’s, and drag shows in long-lost venues to uplift community leaders, celebrate our creative communal histories, and inspire hope about what the cultural future could mean in our changing half of the city.

This project is only possible through the generous donations of images, posters, videos, and stories of our community members. Initially highlighting the Western Sydney icons of Blacktown Masonic Centre, Beatdisc Records, Doonside House and the organising of Beverly Buttercup and the 200plus BPM crew, Jus Diddit is a celebration of us.

Curator’s Convo (pdf)
Roomsheet (pdf)
Images by Document Photography
200+ BPM IS MY SAFE SPACE Interview, Pete Curnovic of Beatdisc Records Interview and Beverly Buttercup Interview are powered by Lūpa Media Player. More information at lupaplayer.com